Promitheas S.A. provides business consulting services in a wide range of industries. As a trusted long-term partner, Promitheas works side by side with clients offering business consulting services to help solve them the most important and complex problems.

Promitheas S.A. inherits the expertise of Value Right S.A. in terms of financial management, business process management, business analytics and accounting from an enterprise clientele in SE Europe and more specifically in the domains of hospitality, manufacturing and renewal energy.

Leveraging the knowledge and the expertise of it''s consultants, Promitheas , extends it's domain services into: construction, real-estate, healthcare, telecommunications and consuming goods.

The region of our focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, where Promitheas Advisors provides their expertise to clients that want to expand their provision of services and products in this area,

"We facilitate all necessary aspects as your local business hub in Sub-Saharan Africa"