Dramatic changes in emerging markets require close monitoring of all aspects: political, financial, social and market. Promitheas Advisors helps clients to get insights and have a clear view of the challenges and opportunities in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi etc.

With offices and local presence in several Sub-Saharan countries, Promitheas Advisors provides a clear view of the current and imminent conditions of the market with specialized reporting covering market research, legilslation, patenting, logistics and local delegation.

Our local offices are resourced with local experts that assist our clients to effective business decisioning in several business domains, woldwide.

The region of our focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, where Promitheas Advisors provides their expertise to clients that want to expand their provision of services and products in this area, facilitating all necessary aspects.

"We facilitate all necessary aspects as your local business hub in Sub-Saharan Africa"